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Jen Costillo is an American-born Latina. Her vocal ranges between confident and informational to quirky characters. Her voice has been described as a bit raspy, confident, authoritative, wry-wit, straight-forward, with the occasional international accent. She enjoys creating new characters ranging in both age (young girls 8+ through late 50’s) and location (Brooklyn, Mid-Atlantic, Eastern European and beyond). Her smooth delivery has been used in meditation.

Consider Jen, your friendly techno hacker. As an electrical engineer and host of a hardware hacker podcast ( , she is comfortable with delivering highly technical material including medical narration and e-learning.

Her extensive background in dance (ballet, contemporary, and modern) as a dancer and choreographer in addition to fitness training is ideal for health and fitness narration.

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Jen Costillo

Friendly Hacker Voice For Technical Topics

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Jen has worked with:




Corporate, Industrial, Sizzle, Medical, Tours, etc…


A Friendly Hacker Tackles Deep Technical Topics


Animation, Video Games, Toys, and More!!!!!!

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Wehmann Voice

Wehmann Voice

2909 S Wayzata Blvd

Minneapolis, MN 55405



Voice Ready To Deliver

E-learning tutorials, audio tours, deep technical topics, anthems, sizzle, etc…

Accents: Brooklyn/New York, RP British, generic Eastern European, East Coast American English, Americas Spanish

Pronounced Languages: Spanish, Japanese

Vocal Range: Soprano

Voice print similar to: Kristin Stuart, Elliot Page, TV Character Daria Morgendorffer, Sara Gilbert, Slappy The Squirrel, Louise Belcher

Additional Skills: Singing in character, Improvisation, Character development, Gibberish, Beatboxing



Blue Baby Bottle SL microphone and SSL2+
Macbook Pro with wired network setup
Source Connect: jen_costillo

Deliver edited audio on a short-turnaround.


Best In Class

Trained at  VoiceTraxSF.

Teachers include: Thom Pinto, Vicki Baum, Peter Dunne, Samantha Paris, Jim Edgar, and Brian Sommer. 


Wisconsin, USA



+1 (650) 383- 8620